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As a retired farrier, we have found a new passion for forging parts in South Central Texas. Our journey began by creating personalized items for our ranch, such as hooks or handles, which we forged to meet our needs. However, when the time came to find a good knife for cutting hay bales for the animals, we transitioned into knife-making. We now specialize in crafting high-quality neck, ranch, and bowie knives that are built to last. All of our knives are a Frontier Style with antique finishes. We try to use natural handle materials like bone and antler. I use the experience from carrying a knife in survival situations, military operations and a strong martial arts background to make a knife that I would carry with me in the woods. I also test the knives around the ranch for sharpness, feel, and effectiveness in their use. We take custom knife orders, for more information just contact us.

In addition to our forging work, we take pride in doing all of our leather work, ensuring each component meets the highest quality standards.

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