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The Full Story

In 2017, our granddaughter was feeling very sad and upset. When asked what was wrong, she explained that she was “Little Bo Peep” and had lost her sheep. Determined to brighten her day, Grandpa arranged for two adorable lambs to await her when she arrived the following week.This simple gesture sparked an unexpected passion that added more sheep to the family. Our granddaughter lovingly named each new addition, so we now have a flock that includes Tinkerbell, Feline, Blossom, Lily, and Mumford. While we continue to learn about caring for these beautiful creatures, we’re happy to share the knowledge we’ve gained with others.

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About the owner
Bruce Dareing

I was born in Duncan, OK, and educated in England and Scotland. In 1980, I returned to the United States and joined the Army. Over the years, I have taken on many roles, such as a police officer, martial arts instructor, executive protection officer, a cowboy, and a farrier. I am also proud to own a small sheep and cattle ranch where I spend time in my blacksmith shop making knives and other essential tools for our ranch.I earned a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts from Excelsior College and Certificate in Weather Forecasting from Penn State University. I also graduated from Sam Houston State University’s Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT), Leadership Command College, Class No. 75.I’ve been a police officer for over 35 years, where I served as a Patrol Officer, Assistant to the Chief of Police, Assistant Chief, and the the Chief of Police for two different police departments. I retired from the US army after 34 years, 24 of which were in the US Army Secial Forces.

In addition to my law enforcement work, I served for 24 years in the United States Army Special Forces, receiving training as a Weapons, Demolition, and Intelligence Specialist on various “A” Detachments. I also obtained language training in Persian Farsi and Spanish and was deployed around the world, working alongside Special Forces from other countries.Based on my experience in these different leadership roles, I believe this: “I’ve learned that it takes more than one person to be a leader, it takes a unified team that learns to work together towards a common goal, and that when you see a need, step up and fill it, take the initiative.”My wife is also a veteran and deserves all my medals and awards since she has had to put up with me through all of it.

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